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World's Best Automotive and Motorcycle Filters K&N Air Filter Products Shipped to Australia
K&N Air Filter Cleaner & Industrial Strength Degreaser
K&N Replacement air filters shipped to Australia and now sold in AUD!

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K&N Air Filter Products - K and N Filters

K&N High Flow Air Filter K&N Cold Air Intakes

K&N Replacement Air Filters

K&N stock replacement air filters are designed to increase horsepower and acceleration while protecting your engine. K&N air filters are available for most cars, trucks, SUVs, motorcycles, ATV's, and more. It is easy to find K&N air filter products for your vehicle using K&N's Air Filters by Vehicle Manufacturer page.
  • Designed to increase horsepower and acceleration while providing excellent filtration
  • Lifetime Air Filter with K&N Million Mile Limited Warranty®
  • The World's Best Air Filter

K&N High Performance Air Intake Kits

K&N air intake systems add power and torque to your vehicle and feature an easy to install bolt-on design. K&N air intake systems are available for most vehicles on the road. It is easy to find the right K&N Air Intake for your vehicle using K&N's Air Intakes by Vehicle Manufacturer page.
  • Guaranteed Horsepower
  • K&N Million Mile Limited Warranty®
  • Replaces entire factory air intake system
  • Easy to install

K&N Universal & Racing Air Filters

K&N Universal, Custom &
Racing Air Filters

  • 1,000 sizes/shapes
  • One Year Limited Warranty
  • K&N's High Flow Cotton Media Provides Performance and Protection

K&N Performance Gold Heavy Duty Oil Filters

K&N Wrench-Off® Oil Filters

  • O/E Replacement Oil Filters for most cars, trucks, SUV's, motorcycles, & ATV's
  • 1" (automotive) or 17mm (motorcycle) exposed nut designed for easy removal
  • Heavy duty construction & outstanding oil filtration

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Feedback from K&N users in Australia!  Send us your feedback!

The free UPS delivery was absolutely unbelievable. I placed my order on Thursday night and I had my item at midday Monday. That was from the U.S to Australia. The filter appears to have made a noticeable difference in performance, both power and throttle response. I couldn't be happier.

Chris Waterworth
Banyo, Australia

Always use K&N, always reliable.

Graham Eberle
Caloundra, Australia

Purchased the oil filter on monday in rural Australia. California is 17 hours behind us. Received the filters 9am on the friday. Fantastic service. With the exposed nut, fitting was incredibly easy. I have recommended K&N products to all my freinds in our Ulysses club branch.

Ernie Lees
Bega, Australia

"I had a 2007 Kawasaki Vulcan 900 belt drive. I replaced standard pulleys for improved top speed and less vibrations but lost some noticeable torque. I then installed a K&N filter and frankly I could not believe the difference it made. Revved much harder, sounded better and improved my acceleration noticeably and regained any lost torque. I don't know if petrol consumption improved because I tended to go harder though I didn't notice any drop in MPG. Now got a Triumph Tiger 955i with K&N and it goes really well.

I'd recommend this to any bike owner. I'm now thinking of putting one in my 4x4 cause its heavy on fuel. FWIW."

Sydney, Australia

Just installed the new filter in my bike and with the work I had done on the exhaust my bike went from a 1600 slugish machine to finaly something with some grunt.

James Sieuwerts
Brisbane, Australia

I recently purchased a K&N panel filter and it has had a vast difference to my car not only is it performing a lot better now it is also extremely economical and saving me lots of money.

Keenan Smith

"I added your filter and intake tube to my BMW 325i and am more than pleased. The growl is great and it removed a low down flat spot and added a little more kick but the best bit is it improved my fuel economy by at least 1.2L per 100km, a savings of about $1.60+ per 100km. It will pay for itself in the not too distant future. I have always had a K&N filters in my cars over the years and recommend them to everyone

Ross Colburn
Sunshine Coast, Australia

"I recently had the K&N 69-6540 Typhoon air intake installed in my 2006 Lancer ES 2.0L and the gains in throttle response and power were beyond anything I expected from just changing the intake and the sound is nothing short of cool! I am now getting more enjoyment when driving my car aggressively and better mileage when just cruising around.

I would recommend K&N's intake systems to anyone.....thanks K&N you guys rock!!

K&N cool it down...crank it up!"

Darwin NT Australia

Got a K&N air filter for my Mitsubishi Verada 99. Way more power from this filter than the stock one plus it sounds great!!!

Canberra, Australia

Recently fitted one of your air filters to my Nissan GU Patrol, an immediate and notable difference was realized, a lot less pedal to get the vehicle moving and keep it moving, better power and economy, will pay for itself in no time, great product K&N.

Steve Haynes

I have run K&N filters in my VZ SS Ute and now my HSV VXR Turbo, they have been unmatched for both performance and value for money!!

Sydney, Australia


The first thing I do when I buy a car is to replace the intake with a K&N filter replacement.
I own a 2009 Honda Accord Euro (CU2) (US name: Acura TSX) and have been hastling my local parts supplier over the last year asking when the Australian Distributor for K&N will hard holding the part.

Can you please expedite this filter replacement for Australian supply please? I know me and many CU2 owners would appreciate it.


James Kim
Sydney, Australia

"I currently have a K&N panel air filter installed on my 95 Nissan Micra LX. Honestly performance wise is freaking awesome. I am thinking about installing the 57i induction kit for the Micra, which is the next level up from the standard airbox. I can't wait to install it and to take my ride for a spin. even though cops are around, I am just driving for the thrill of the ride.

     K&N is the future of performance rather than using turbo crap.

       more air, equals MORE performance. "

Lloyd Maliakal
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

"I'm a bit surprised that in the testimonials and info re K&N filters that there is not much said about increases in fuel mileage?
Most comments and info relates to extra HP?
I've been using K&N filters for 18 years now and apart from the performance gains, my fuel milage increased quite substantially.
My N14 Nissan Pular (SR20DE motor) despite being told I could expect about 28-30 m/g,I consistently got 36 m/g in peak hour traffic going back and forward to work.
I traded that car (after 10.5 years) on my current car, a 2002 Nissan S15 200SX (Silvia) The Govenrment Fuel Consumption Guide and friends that also owned the same car, were acheiving only 27-28 m/g...over the eight years I've had my car, I have consistently got 31 m/g! Not a lot, but over the years...?
As for performance, a before and after dyno run showed an increase of 13kW ATW!!"

Ron Johnson
Adelaide, Australia

"Bought one for the family VN V6 wagon with 360000kms on the clock and I have to say, instant improvement on even that crusty old bomb. The engine felt like it was breathing a lot better, performance was definately up on the old paper filter. So much so, that when I bought myself into the new millenium with a 2001 VX wagon family car with a more muscular 5.7 GenIII, the first purchase was, you guessed it- a new K&N flat panel filter. Have a Vortech T-trim supercharged VPSS 355ci in the build for one of my toys, and when she's up and running, will be definately be looking into a K&N pod filter....

High performance and long life- you can't go wrong!"

Adelaide, South Australia

"  Hi People and Chevy Lovers,
 I now have 31000 miles on my ZZ4/355 GM motor and still use K&N
 Oil Filters which I change every 4000 miles. I reckon that I could go
 a lot further but it took a long time to buy this motor brand new
 which is a beauty so why take a chance?. All the best to all."

Noel Foreshew
Sydney, Australia

"Hello All,

I just wanted to say that your product is just awesome!!! I'm from Sydney in the land down under with a Nissan S15 Silvia in my driveway, which is now a car that performs and sounds a hell of a lot better than what it did, and its all thanks to your filter. I have used a K&N 3 Pod type filter of some type (Don't have part number with me) and the induction sound and the blow off sound from the turbo is just amazing!!! The performance is so good I can even feel the air being sucked quicker through it as well as hear it!

Keep up the good work K&N, I will be sure to always use your filters from now on!!"

Sydney, Australia

The overall performance improvement in my Subaru Outback is outstanding. It runs smoother, quicker with less fuel just by changing the air filter. Should have done it years ago.

David Punton
Eschol Park, NSW, Australia


Newcastle Valentine N.S.W. Australia

"Great results

Hi, My wife was winging about the performance of her Mitsubishi Outlander.  She said it had no power and the fuel consumption was through the roof!  This car has always been serviced by the local dealer through which we brought the vehicle.  So I jumped on the net and searched for any performance stuff for the Outlander when I came upon K&N.  So I purchased a filter.  When I went to install it I found the original filter half blocked with insects and debris.  This should have been changed at 40.000.

I cleaned it all out and fitted the K&N.  WHAT A DIFFERENCE!!!!  Heaps of power, shifts better , sounds better!! Thanks K&N



"Just wanted to say Thanks – I am blown away

Just fitted a K&N Air Charger kit : model 63-3053 on my HSV Clubsport – badged as Pontiac GTO in the states I think.  Anyway, wheel spin has never happened so easily.  Power increase was noticeable from the moment I hit the accelerator. Love the kit, well designed, easy to install, although clearance is really tight between engine cover and K&N pipe.  But that because we use a different engine cover on our LS2s here in Australia.

Absolutely Love It – Top stuff- Thanks guys and gals at K&N . Love ya work.


Vince Papillo
Melbourne, Australia


Hi people,
    Just a few lines to say that I have the BEST combination of motoring satisfaction.   I have series 2 Jaguar with 355 Chevy power with a K&N air filter which gives 10% better economy and the K&N oil filter with nut style body takes the drama out of removal etc., besides longer engine oil life of about 16%.  Thanks K&N for value for money.  You are the best !!"

Sydney, Australia

"Toyota 75 Series Ute.

I owned a 1995 Toyota 75 series 4.2 litre Ute.  I could not drive from Cloncurry to Longreach on one tank of fuel.  I was lucky to get 495 kilometers to 84 litres of fuel at 2,600 revs. which is about 112 kmh Plus the vechicle was sluggish and had to be driven hard to get up and going.  It was recommended by a friend I fit a K&N filter.  I noticed the difference immediately driving in town.  The vechicle would pull in 5th gear at 40kmh and keep gaining speed without having to put the pedal to the metal.  I left Southport on the Gold Coast and drove to the main highway rounabout at Rockhampton before switching to the front tank.  Odometer read 712 klm's on one tank the vechicle was fitted with two fuel tanks.  I could get 84 litres out of the rear tank and 87 litres out of the front tank.  I drove 1466 kilometers at 2,600rpm on both tanks of fuel.  I could achieve 600+ around town because the vechicle didn't require hard driving to get to speed.  The vechicle went from returning around 5.5 klm's to a litre to around 8.57 klm's a litre.  I would recommend the fitting of a K&N air filter to any vechicle.  I have one fitted to my wife's Mitsubishi Galant GSR. and have now fitted one to my Landrover Discovery Tdi"

George Keegan
Hervey Bay, Queensland, Australia

"Dear K&N.

I am really happy with K&N 33-2145-1 air filter. Fuel economy and acceleration improved a lot.

Thank you K&N.

UPDATE - February 7, 2006: The fuel economy has increased dramatically from 12.5L/100 to 9.2L/100. Easy to start the vehicle. Better acceleration. Quick gear change.  Basically I feel like I am driving a completely new car."

Sydney, Australia

"Hi People,
I now have a 1974 Daimler/Jaguar fitted with a ZZ4 S.B.Chevy 350. Like it's predecessors the motor lives and breathes Valvoline and K&N Oil and Air Filters which give their all to the long life and economy of my motors. When my last motor was given a new inlet manifold gasket at 170,000 there was NO sign of sludge at all. I am staying with the best products FULL TIME..NoelinOz."

Noel W F
Sydney, Australia

Holden Commodore VY SS(ute!). Just replaced stock air intake with a K&N FIPK gen2 (pod filter). Total install took aprox 2 hours, but i am a computer technician by trade. No hassles with the install, kit looks tidy under bonnet, and OMG! Finally the LS1 motor sounds like a V8, noticing a lower idle RPM and a more responsive pedal. I would only asume better economy but at the moment im just driving by that awsome throaty growl that the new intake gives it. This is the first upgrade iv done on my baby, and am extremely happy with the product.


"On a recent trip to the United states, I purchased a FilterCharger® for my MX 5, and on the day of my return I installed it immediately. I can not recall any other product I've ever purchased that made so much a difference to performance for the money. I have looked at your competitors products and have driven cars with them installed. Upon learning more about your FilterCharger®, I thought I would give it a try. Well I'm very impressed."

Christopher Halek
Melbourne, Australia

"Hi, I have just fitted a filter (YA-1199) to my Yamaha XVS1100 Classic cycle and do feel that it is breathing better, but will not fully feel the difference until the machine is run in a bit longer. Have also fitted it to a 350 Chevy powered Holden SS Commodore and have noticed quite a big effect in that machine, it also gives the intake quite a growl on acceleration.

Thanks for making a good product!"

Bob Riley

I drive a Holden Commodore S pack Ute powered by a 3.8 Ecotec V6. Fitting the K&N filter has improved power, accelerator responsiveness and now gives a crisper note. I didn't write this to sell K&N products instead just to tell it how it is. I would recommend and do recommend putting these filters in your engines as they have worked for me. It would have to be the cheapest ""mod"" that actually gives results. I could keep writing but will run out of space.


Qld, Australia

"I purchased a K&N filter today with some money I got for Christmas, I wanted to spend money on my car but didn't know what to get. I have been thinking about modifying my intake to allow more air flow to reach the filter but had never actually thought of just upgrading the OE filter. Well I'm glad I did, it has made a huge difference to the acceleration and over all responsiveness of my vehicle and just thought I'd send an e-mail to say thank you and keep up the good work... Thank you again

UPDATE 1/20/05: I purchased a K&N OE replacement filter on Boxing day and sent you an e-mail in regards to how happy I was with the power/torque increase. I now have more feedback for you this time in regards to fuel consumption. Sorry to say the information I have worked out is metric so it may need converting from Litres/100km to Miles/Gallon.
The results are as follows:
With OE Filter still fitted- City 23L/100Kkm, Highway 17L/100km With K&N Filter fitted- City 17L/100km, Highway 14L/100km

These figures are with the car running on LPG (as fuel pump is currently not working) the Auto in 'Power' mode and using cruise control at 100km/h in highway conditions. I would also like to add that I don't take it easy off the line so I tend to chew through fuel.

Hope this information is useful to you, all the best"

Iain McPherson
Victoria, Australia

"1993 Trans Am / K&N 3010-1 FIPK
Hi guys just received my K&N FIPK today, went out to the shed and installed this baby. Had never seen one in the flesh before but knowing your product ordered it from the pictures on your home page. My car has done 46,000 miles and is a '93 lt1 350 as per factory [other than the right hand conversion]. Man what a differance it has made. All you boys ,gals out there all I can say is if you ain't got one best you do something about that!!!!!!!!!! Fantastic product.

Best regards"


"K&N Filter
Hi, back again with more praise for the great product you produce, this time fitted to a Yamaha XJR1300S 2004 cycle and hey what a difference these things make to it. The ""darn"" thing just fires up fine and runs like a dream, sure glad it was fitted and I do not care about the fuel savings (I know they do exist) together with precious metal plugs this bike is terrific."

Bob Riley

Just an email to say thanks for the excellent technical support I received when selecting a K&N air filter for my 1990 Suzuki Bandit (Grey Import here in Oz)

I have now traveled approximately 2000 kms with the new filter, the throttle response is improved, acceleration is better and the dip in the power curve I had at approx 6-7000 rpm (16500 rpm redline) is now gone. The best thing is the satisfying induction sound and the improved engine pick up from any rpm to make overtaking even easier.

Seat-of-the-pants horsepower feel has also improved, albeit slightly. The best improvement is the more responsive throttle.

Good on you K&N. I will be using your filters in all my bikes and cars from now on."

Eric Pynaker
Melbourne, Australia

"Great Filter
Purchased a filter for the bike (as listed in your testimonials) and now for car and it sure does everything you state as on the Motorcycle, so I'm positive it will give me great service in the Commodore as well. Fuel over this way is at this moment $1.29 a litre (that's $5.80 a imperial gallon) and I will be happy to see an improvement on this area but also the get up and go department as well."

Bob Riley

"Just a few lines to say that I am a confirmed K&N customer and I believe that your oil filters are the best and I buy enough to keep my Chevy powered Jaguar supplied for 12 months at a time. The reason that new vehicle manufacturers don't fit your great products is that they must have vested interests elsewhere; they probably make more moola from the ever suffering public who are only cannon fodder for the RICH.

Thanks for giving the ""Average Joe"" a fair deal!! Merry Xmas to All ...."

Noel..From Down/Under
Sydney, Australia

"Thanks a lot

I drive an AU series II XR6 Manual Sedan, I put a K & N POD filter on about 10,000km ago and the improvements were amazing....

BUT.... I bought your filter ""re-charger"" today, and I was astonished when I drove my car after using the cleaner....WOW- It is just like a new filter--- IF anyone doesn't believe it works, man, it does (and I thought it was good for only 1 ""clean"", but I think I'll get about 5 filter cleans from this product) thanks a lot K & N!!!

[a lot of other filters don't offer such a product to clean the filter, but the fact that you guys do, I have no problem spending the extra money on your products - coz I know they work and that the engineering and effort actually goes into assuring the product is of the highest stds!]"

Chris D, Perth
Western Australia

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